• <h5>If I say I’ll do it, I do it. It’s important to be a person of your word.</h5>
<p>You don’t have to worry about follow through with Coverdale Consulting. This is the foundation of everything I do in life.</p>
  • <h5>Guaranteed expertise.</h5>
<p>I have more than ten years in the marketing and sales world. Coming from the marketing agency world, I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and high profile non-profits to understand big picture strategy and make it happen.</p>
  • <h5>If it’s not right for your business, I’ll tell you.</h5>
<p>My number one goal is helping you become the most successful company you can be. I will always be upfront and honest about what will get you the ROI you are looking for.</p>
  • <h5>I’m part of your team.</h5>
<p>I’m your strategic advisor. I’m your go-to person. I’m the one who will get it done. Consider me just a phone call, email or text away. When we work together, we are partners and team members.</p>
  • <h5>Money doesn’t grow on trees.</h5>
<p>I get this. With Coverdale Consulting, you get marketing agency expertise, a strategic advisor and someone executing the work for you…all for big value.</p>