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Rachael presented a program on how to use social networking sites to enhance business to the IndySHRM HR Consultant’s Forum group. Rachael was passionate, energetic and knowledgeable about the subject matter and made the presentation fun and interactive. The audience was very complimentary of Rachael. I would not hesitate to recommend Rachael for other similar engagements or to use Rachael myself or to refer Rachael to a colleague to help with using social networking sites to grow businesses.

Mary Kay Conley,
President, Human Resource Results

Rachael is an extremely competitive and hard working sales professional who has shown she grows revenue organically as well as increase existing business. She builds strong relationships illustrated by her exceptional retention numbers. Equally impressive is her eagerness to take on new challenges that will force business maturation and prepare her for potential future growth within our organization.


Rachael is a clever and resourceful strategist, who brings original ideas and strong determination to every project.

Joe Bennett,
Vice President for University Relations, Purdue University

A fire can not start without a spark. Sparks are the lifeblood of a successful business. Because without a spark there are no brushfires. Creatively companies need brushfires, they keep the forest growing and moving in the right direction. Rachael is a spark, she is the flash that starts the fire. She thinks projects through, is extremely organized and always a joy to work with.


It has been my privilege to work with Rachael in a professional capacity and in a volunteer setting. I can firmly attest that she is an asset to her clients, her company and the volunteer organizations fortunate enough to have her on their team. Her dedication to her client’s needs and success is her hallmark. She knows how to really listen to the needs of her clients and then strategically work together with them to reach goals. She is an innovative thinker, who is focused on quality and driven by results. Her passion for creativity and readiness to adapt to (and often solicit) change make her a visionary businessperson and a great problem solver.